About Us

Solace Sports and Entertainment, LLC is a full-service sports and entertainment company committed to providing our clients and partners with unlimited support and services to assist them in accomplishing their goals. Solace's mission is to guide clients through the sports and entertainment industry by using contemporary and modern approaches. We are committed to helping clients create purpose, relevance, and financial stability.

Our Commitment


Solace approaches every situation with each of our client’s best interests at the forefront. We make the promise to go above and beyond while providing dependable and reliable services every step of the way.

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Zealous Representation

Solace’s clients are represented by trained lawyers with legal experiences in the areas of litigation, labor and employment, contract disputes and negotiations. Our team uses their skills and experiences to negotiate contractual agreements favorable to our clients.

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Solace commits to working 24/7 to achieve our client's goals, dreams, and aspirations. We are continually building valuable partnerships with organizations based on our reputation in the sports and entertainment industry, which ultimately leads to opportunities for our clients.

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Ease of Mind

Solace vows to our clients that accomplishing their career and post-career goals is our number one priority. We design an individualized road map for each client, providing each of our clients with an ease of mind about the steps Solace is taking to help our clients meet their goals. We go the extra mile to build sustainable trust and confidence with each client.